John Mayer and BB King Used to Be Friends

John Mayer is the Eric Clapton of his generation. Were talking about a Grammy winning songwriting singer guitarist who attracts all kinds of music fans. He’sgot pop song that make a big splash on the radio and Blues drenched guitar songs that still bring in the girls for the guys. Who else does that?

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Santana! But where Santana cheats and uses rhythm to get-the ladies, Mayer casts his big net with great songwriting, sly lyrics and melodic hooks and deep Blues guitat playing. While the basic throng are singing along, the guitarists in the audience are standing there with their arms crossed saying, ‘”Show me what you got”, And he delivers.

Mayer has a deep respect for the tradition of electric Blues uitar and he is the best guest to have sit in for a Jam session. In the jam situation he is neither ovedireVerenrial – holding back – nor out to burn his fellow players.

Clapton with B.B. King is a snooze fest. Both are too polite to each other. But Mayer with B.B. King Is our to inspire. John’s Playing and presence pushes B.B. to go for it. Mayer makes his impact by playing Cool. He does it with phrasing and nuance and silence. He stops you in your tracks with a whisper, not a scream. All of this I believe is on display the video. And to make my ‘Mayer is this generation’s Clapton’ point, here is JM playing pormusic and letting us know that Jelfteck is horthe only great gtiitarist who uses his instrument as a voice.


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