How To Choose The Guitar Strings For Your Guitar

The type of strings you choose affect in not only the tone but also in your style of playing guitar. Learning about types of guitar, characteristics and the size of each type will help you choose the right string for your guitar, and improve the sound of your guitar. There are three factors that influence on your tone and playstyle:

  • The size of strings
  • The manner of string manufacture
  • String materials

In order to choose the suitable strings, you have to look for strings with a proper size and material.

How To Choose The Guitar Strings For Your Guitar

The size of guitar strings

The size of guitar strings is the thickness of the guitar. Each size has its own pro and cons. In fact, extra light strings, medium light strings, and light strings are easy to play, but they are also easy to produce unpleasant sounds. However, medium strings, heavy strings, and extra heavy strings are easy to tune the string and to adjust the tone.

Many acoustic guitars are designed with light strings right from the start. They may be the best choice if you are a beginner. If you are a strummer, you should the string having the size of medium.


Guitar string designs

Guitar string designsYou can see hundreds of the string on the market today. But, not all are good. Some of them even are poor-quality. Basically, there are three types of the guitar string:

  • Flat wood: It’s very smooth. It produces uniform and good tones. Therefore, they are usually used for Jazz guitarists.
  • Round wood: Almost guitarists use this type.
  • Haft round: It is not similar to two types above. Its sound is richer than the string having a round cover.

These types have many different types: heavy, medium, and light. Almost Bass guitarists use the flat wood string. However, the round wood provides loud resonant tones. So, many people use it to play in clubs or live shows.

The heavy gauge strings can also create loud resonant tones, but they may cause the neck curved. Thus, the high of the sound can be not exact.

String materials

guitar string materialsThe string material affects the tone of the guitar. Normally, the string of an electric guitar is usually made of steel. And, other material will be used to wrap around the core. Each of combination will change the overall tone of the guitar.

  • Electric guitar string materials: Nickel-plated steel can be the most common choice for the electric guitar because of its weight and the ability of corrosion resistance.
  • Acoustic guitar string materials: copper strings are common for this guitar although its lifespan is not high.

How to choose guitar strings

For a new guitar, you should use the low tension for six months to 1 year. This type of string is also suitable for a student.

If you want to play classical music, a classical guitar with nylon strings is the best for you. You should consider an acoustic guitar with nylon or metal strings.



The string is an extremely important part of a guitar. With good and suitable strings, you will be able to produce great sounds. Read this article to know how to choose strings that are suitable for your guitar and your need.

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